Thursday, December 23, 2004

Killer creative

I love to showcase great creative when I find it. Here's a self-promotional web site I found in Communications Arts Interactive Annual 10.

What I love about this site is the fluidity and style. This really has a unique style. The site soundtrack is enjoyable-- hip, and urban. It takes s simplistic approach to providing content. The portfolio is awesome demonstrating print creative projects which are leading edge, and comedic.

It's definitely worth a visit.

Say It Loud!

Sunday, December 12, 2004

24 Season Three

It's finally out! I've been waiting for over a year since I watched Season Two. This is one of my favorite shows on television. The best way to see it is on DVD because it moves fast. The show takes place in realtime.

Show description:

It's been three years since CTU agent Jack Bauer thwarted a terrorist attempt to plunge the United States into war. Now he's back in L.A. after working undercover for six months bringing down drug lord Ramon Salazar. But,then the FBI receives a phone call threatening the release of a deadly virus in Los Angeles if Salazar isn't relased from prison within six hours. As CTU races to locate the virus Jack relaizes that the only way to prevent additional terrorist demands is to find the source of the virus-by breaking Salazar out of prison himself.

If you like this I recommend these DVD's:
-Clear and Present Danger, and Patriot Games
-Bourne Identity, and Bourne Supremecy

Saturday, December 04, 2004

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Bose SoundDock digital music system

I just purchased the Bose SoundDock digital music system at Bay Bloor Radio. This system allows you to plug in your iPod and play it through the speaker system. The sound is incredible. It's very ergonomic 6.65" H x 11.91" W x 6.48"D. The size of a small toaster. Bose has really perfected the art of making big sound from small speakers.

Visit the Bose site:

Movie review-Closer

We went to go see the movie "Closer" last night. I wasn't blown away. Featuring Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman, and Clive Owen, Closer examines relationships and honesty. In fact, it demonstrates what can happen if you ask for to much honesty.

I thought Clive Owen and Natalie Portman performed exceptionally. Julie Roberts really didn't do anything for me. I found her treatment of the role of a photographer searching for true love to be to much like her character in Ocean's Eleven.

The movie really didn't make to much sense. There were a couple of parts that were rediculous and lacked any support from the script. I'm not disappointed that I spent $14. It was better than going to see Alexander but you can wait for it to be released on DVD.

For more reviews visit the link below.

Friday, December 03, 2004

UNCUT magazine

First-- I want to say thank you Donald Trump for axing Ivana last night. She was just annoying. I couldn't believe she thought stripping was a good tactic for selling chocolate bars. She got her just reward.

I picked up this killer magazine called UNCUT from the UK. It came with a free CD:16 Great Tracks from the films of Martin Scorsese. The first track is Tony Bennett's classic gangster ballad "Rags to Riches." I suggest slipping this in and reading the article called Word to the Wise Guys. It's an incredible piece about the making of GoodFellas. Brilliant flick. Robert De Niro asked Scorsese to consider Ray Liotta as the character of Henry Hill. The rest is history.

Other articles include: a wicked feature on U2 retelling the making of Achtung Baby (which I just bought on the iTunes Canada store for $9.99). In addition, a story about Director Tony Scott (Top Gun, Days of Thunder, True Romance, Enemy of the State,etc) wow who knew he made all these great films. And, Johnny Cash on the Folsom and San Quentin tours.

Anoyone heard the band INTERPOL. They're from NYC. They have a new album called Antics which is incredible. If you like post-punk indie like Franz Ferdinand, Libertines, or Joy Division you won't want to miss this one.