Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Must see web content

Here's some examples of killer web site content. This definitely takes the online experience to a higher level.

Absolut Tracks
Absolut asks four of Europes leading DJ's to interpret what Absolut means to them using their music as inspiration. You can download MP3 music tracks, interviews, and videos. This luxurious Flash site provides a rich audio, visual experience along with a female host to carry you through a night club like experience thus branding the Absolut experience. Rating 9/10


Burger King--Chicken Fight
Are you ready to rumble. OK you've probably seen subsurvientchicken.com by now. This is the second story in the Burger King chicken saga. This video plays off the style of ESPN's Friday Fight Night. Two tuxedo clad announcers break down the championship cage match between Crispy Chicken and Spicy. The twelve minute no-holds barred bout offers non-stop laughs.


Lighten up

Well finally someone's written me. I want to give a big shout out to Tracy Smith who says to lighten up and talk about how I am obsessed with clothes.

OK she's got a point. I went browsing this weekend because we had friends in from Halifax and they wanted to go shopping. We went to Queen West and Bloor Street. One of my favorite stores is H&M. Now Toronto has two, one on Bloor Street and one in the Eaton Centre. If you've never been there you really must go. For anyone who likes leading edge fashion and wants a good price this is the place. I admit every time I go I buy something. It started with hat, mitts and a scarf. By the time I left I had a sweater, sweat shirt hoody and long sleeve shirt.

Zara has a new store on Queen Street West across from Caban. There's some great winter stuff there too. I saw an awesome winter jacket with a fur collar that was incredible. Jeez now I'm sounding like the Shopaholic.